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Guided Photo Safaris with Wildlife Photographer RICK COLLINS

Enjoy photographing grizzlies and pristine landscapes in wild Alaska, one of the most unique destinations in the world.

Enjoy photographing grizzlies and pristine landscapes in wild Alaska, one of the most unique destinations in the world.



Nothing accelerates the heartbeat of a wildlife photographer like the thought of going on safari. SPOTLIGHT PHOTO SAFARIS is here to make it happen. Our safaris are designed by photographers for photographers.  Nothing has been overlooked – from the intimate small groups of like-minded photographers to the ample comfort of the specially modified safari vehicles; from our in-field expert photo trainers to the outstanding English-speaking naturalist-guides and photography-savvy drivers; from the choice and range of accommodation near the action to the succulent organic table fare; nothing has been spared.

We presume your primary objective in booking a photo safari is to enrich your knowledge of photography and to take advantage of the best photo opportunities our destinations have to offer.   Our goal is to provide you with those opportunities and the right professional photographer to help realize your expectations within a comfortable and safe environment.

We pride ourselves on our all-inclusive packaging, offering the photographer value for dollar in a stress-free environment.  The only decision you’ll have to make is when to press the shutter button!


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Africa has long been the ultimate destination for photographers, whether serious or casual. Nowhere else on earth will you find such a variety and abundance of photo opportunities – not just countries rich in wildlife and spectacular scenery, but in ancient history and cultural heritage.

Our African photo safaris combine the world’s most abundant wildlife parks and conservation areas with expert photo coaching, local naturalist guides and experienced drivers and pilots while traveling in comfort in the safest destinations on the African continent.

In 2019 we’re offering two exceptional African safaris featuring incredibly diverse wildlife habitats and cultural highlights in Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Whether you’re looking to photograph the abundant wildlife of Tanzania’s amazing National Parks and Ngorongoro Crater, or the wetland bird and amphibious habitats of Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Chobe River, or world-renown Natural Wonders like Victoria Falls and the Great Migration, we’ve got the safari for you!

Accelerate your photography skills on an African safari like no other.

Our safaris capture natural beauty from across the globe.

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Choosing a safari is like deciding which road to take on the map: it's not just a question of how many miles between points, but how many hours it takes to get there.  Distance alone can be deceptive due to the terrain, road conditions, the weather, the vehicle, the driver's skill, passenger comfort, possible detours and breakdowns, and varying speed limits. The shortest route isn't always the quickest, nor the best.

When researching a safari, one needs to consider not just the price - the 'distance' - but a myriad of other details - particularly the inclusions and exclusions.  The cheaper safari can often wind up costing far more than the all-inclusive.

There are literally thousands of safari companies, tour operators, photo guides and, yes, scammers vying for the 50 millions+ tourists that flock to Africa each year.  The range of safaris - from a la carte budget to all-inclusive luxury - is as diverse as the sheer amount of information is overwhelming.

There's that old cliche: 'You get what you pay for.'  Or do you?


ON SAFARI with Rick Collins

Africa is, by far, one of the most diverse and dynamic photography destinations in the world. It has no equal in the amount and variety of wildlife, landscape, and contrasting cultures with interwoven histories, both ancient and present. Even for a seasoned photographer, the excitement of discovery never diminishes on the ‘Dark Continent’. And it is with this same sense of excitement that I’d like to share the best - the most outstanding - highlights of these incredible countries with other photographers in a compelling collection of wildlife safaris and photography workshops.

Each safari and workshop has been thoroughly researched and carefully crafted, day-by-day, to optimize your personal photographic experience including choice of destinations, the small size of our group, highly qualified guides, safe and unique accommodations, and the best transport for viewing and photographing Africa's densest concentration of wildlife and birds.  You’ll also have numerous photo opportunities while spending quality time with diverse tribes and cultures in a variety of landscapes where you’ll capture a true sense of Africa.

Our safari game drives are planned around the best light available to maximize your photographic opportunities. This will mean shooting from cool, early morning sunrise to mid-morning – when the wildlife is most active – and between the soft, golden rays of late afternoon until dusk, when the parks close, and hot showers and the rattle of ice-chilled Sundowners beckon us home.

During the hottest part of the day in both temperature and lighting, we’ll have a chance to relax, download, process and edit, partake in one-on-one photo discussions and critiques with the photo leader (or anyone else for that matter!) and ingest and imbibe the gourmet food and drinks on offer.

Every effort will be made to make each and every day a day to remember.  At the same time, you are in Africa.  The unexpected is included in your tour – free of charge!  


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THE GREAT MIGRATION - the Best Tanzanian Photo Safari by Far!



The State of Alaska is one of the world's last frontiers.  It is the largest state in the union and the third least populous with just over 700,000 residents. It also contains the world’s largest wildlife refuge and is home to 31,000 grizzly bears – 17 times the number of grizzlies recorded in the total Lower 48 states.  The almighty grizzly is the top-of-the-food chain, and SPOTLIGHT PHOTO SAFARIS is offering photographers a chance to photograph these incredible creatures on their home turf, up close and personal.


Join photographer RICK COLLINS in 2019 for the expanded 11-day Alaskan Grizzly Bear Photo Workshop.  You'll spend four days photographing Coastal Brown Bears in their natural habitat along the shores of Alaska’s remote Lake Clark National Park, three days shooting brown bears fishing the falls at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park with the added bonus 3 days on the Kenai Peninsula shooting whales and glaciers in Seward and eagles and marine life in Homer.  It doesn't get better than this! 

Rick was lead bear guide eight years at a private concession within the 4-1/2 million acre Lake Clark National park, and he offers photographers a unique perspective, combining his knowledge of photography, the landscape and familiarity with the bears with a guarantee for safety and unlimited photo opportunities. 


Gull Island, located in Cook Inlet, is one of the alternative rookeries to Duck Island on the Alaskan Grizzly Bear Workshop, 28 June - 10 July, 2019.   The island is home to nesting colonies of puffins - both horned and tufted, common murres, eider ducks, parakeet auklets among others. See it for yourself; but for now, have a play! 


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