Here’s what a few of our guests had to say about Spotlight Photo Safaris.


    “It is amazing each time I look through my recent Africa pictures.  Lots of fun with these folks, very nice accommodations, food, guides and of course animals to photograph.  As I call Africa, it is the zoo unleashed.  You must put this trip on your bucket list!  Thanks Rick Collins for an outstanding trip!” Jennifer B.

    “Rick – you, Jacob and Moses should be confident that this was a marvelous experience for me.  It was amazing, inspiring, challenging and affirming – exceeded my expectations in every way. Janie A.

    “This safari was beyond my wildest dreams.  Loved every minute. Thanks, Rick, I will be back!” Char W.   [NOTE: And she was the following year.]

    “Variety of accommodations was great. Visiting different tribes – awesome. The multiple venues to photograph the animals was excellent.  I can’t pick just one.  You, Jacob and Moses are way at the top!” Corky D.

    “Thanks for an excellence experience and guiding.” Evelyn D.
     “Thanks Rick!  Great Safari and fantastic adventure as well as a tremendous learning experience.  Truly a trip of a lifetime!!”  Jay J.

    “Thank you very much Rick for a wonderful adventure!  Africa, the Serengeti and parts around will always occupy a special place in my heart….it was a trip of a lifetime!  Jambo, Jambo” Marie O.

    “When everything goes off without a hitch (or minor adjustments/problems handled easily) it means that a ‘LOT’ of work was done ahead of time.  You were excellent!   Jeanne O.
     “It was an amazing trip!  I am constantly delighted at seeing photos that I had forgotten I had taken…..such a joy to browse through the albums!” Osia S

    “Exceeded my expectations! Lodging, drives, guiding were incredible!” Vickie B.